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The time of the Commonwealth between Charles I and Charles II

Court Roll 23rd May 1650

William Dade Surrender

At this Court it is presented upon the oath of George Drable, the customary tenant within the manor heretofore to witt this three and twentieth of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty William Dade of Hatfield in the County of York surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said manor by the hands of the said George Drable - half a cottage being the upper half  with one orchard and all the buildings thereunto belonging, and eighteen acres and a half of land arable and meadow or pasture lyeing and being in the several  fields and Graveship of Conisbrough to the use and behoof1 of Richard Dade his brother forever when he shall accomplish the age of four and twenty years.  Paying for     ? of the said lands unto Margarett his sister the sum of ten pounds of lawfull money of England, and unto Sara his sister twenty pounds when she shall accomplish the age of four and twenty and unto Thomas his brother the sum of twenty pounds of lawfull money of England when he shall accomplish the age of four and twenty years, and for want  of payment of the said sums of money it shall lawfull    ?      for any of the said parties      ?       and make sale of any of the said goods taken on the said grounds until the said sums of money be fully satisfied whereupon comes into the Court Anne Dade Mother of the said Richard being about eighteen years of age and prays to be admitted tutor and gurardian of the said Richard and of his lands and possessions the said Richard attain the age of four and twenty years to whom concerned? Grant the said who pays the fine and admits her tenant of the lands and premises to the aforesaid.

behoof - an old word meaning for his own profit, benefit or advantage.